Haleon Share Price Plummets as Investors’ Pain Continue

Since its launch on July 18, Haleon share price has continued to struggle in the markets. In today’s trading session, the struggle in the markets looks poised to continue, with prices already down by 5 percent. 

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Haleon Price History

On July 18, Haleon’s listing on London Stock Exchange became the biggest in Europe in over a decade. It opened the markets trading at 330 pence, giving it a market valuation of around £30.5 billion ($36.4 billion).

Since then, the share prices have continued to plummet, and today, it trades 21 percent below its launch price. Its market capitalization has also fallen to around £22.26 billion. The past few weeks have also been extremely tough for the company after it dropped by 11 percent last week and this week’s aggressive drop.

Haleon Share Price Analysis

Last week, Haleon’s share price dropped to its lowest since the company was launched. However, despite the drop, the company and investment banking advisors have remained bullish on the company while also urging investors to be patient as Haleon’s share price continues to stabilize after its recent split from GSK. 

Part of the reason the share price has become contentious is their refusal to sell the company to Unilever at  £50 billion instead of opting for a listing that was expected to be around £40.5 billion. All these factors have also led to analysts at Credit Suisse, which previously gave Halen an outperform rating of 368p, to reevaluate their rating. 

Therefore, basing my analysis on all these factors and what is currently happening in the markets, my Haleon share price prediction expects the prices to continue falling. As a result, there is a high likelihood that we might see Haleon shares breaking the latest price low in the next few trading sessions.

There is also a high likelihood that Haleon will trade below the 240p price level soon. My bullish analysis will, however, be invalidated should the prices trade above this week’s price high of 273p. The price level will be a signal of recovery.

Haleon Daily Chart