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Haleon Share Price Following the Listing On the London Stock Exchange

Two weeks ago, Haleon’s share price was listed on the London Stock Exchange, becoming the largest London listing in 10 years since the Glencore listing. Unfortunately, the company’s listing was not received with the anticipated enthusiasm when it launched, trading at 330p. Part of the reason for this is the ongoing inflation that has resulted in most investors cooling down their interest in investing in new projects.

Haleon latest news

The GSK’s consumer health spinout has already started to come under scrutiny, with most of the criticism coming from the GSK’s refusal of a Unilever offer of £50bn, a figure that had also accounted for the company’s £10bn debt. There were also concerns about the impact of inflation on the business as prices rise, considering how it affected retail and consumer stocks.

Therefore, some experts doubted the company could return to its pre-pandemic levels. Despite these concerns, the company has continued to journey on, and although the company has lost 13 percent of its value since launch to press time, investors have remained relatively relaxed with the company.

Haleon Share Price

In today’s trading session, Haleon share price is up by less than a percentage point. However, the price increase is a great sign that we may start to see prices rise after the past two weeks of market weakness. Therefore, my Haleon share price prediction expects a likelihood that prices will start to go up once the company shakes off its newcomer in the market’s tag.

The GSK’s spinoff is also an established business with a proven track record. Despite not meeting its pre-pandemic levels, there is a high likelihood that the business will peak again, which will likely drop the share prices up. However, should the inflation and fear of recession continue, then my bullish analysis will remain invalid. It will also give a chance for the share prices to continue going down.

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Haleon share price