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Flare Integrates Google Cloud As Validator and Infrastructure Provider

Google Cloud, a subsidiary of tech giant Google, has joined the Flare Network, becoming integrated into the data-centric Flare blockchain, as both validator and infrastructure provider to the Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) on the Flare network.

For blockchain technology to realise more practical applications and wider adoption around the world, access to large data is crucial. The entry of Google Cloud as a Flare network validator will provide invaluable support to that goal. An EVM smart contract platform, Flare promotes itself as the blockchain for data since it increases blockchain’s utility.

What the integration means for the Flare ecosystem

Flare combines decentralised data with low cost EVM smart contracts in an effort to provide developers and users with trusted, scalable, low-latency, and cost-effective access to the widest possible range of data. As part of a decentralised native Oracle system, this is accomplished by utilising the network’s validators to deliver applications decentralised data.

Flare’s Oracle technology is specifically designed to augment developers’ access to decentralised data. Developers help build use cases for blockchain technology and accelerate its adoption with the support of high-quality data provided by Flare’s infrastructure providers. Furthermore, the network allows for the development of new and improved use cases, acting as an industrial utility layer for blockchain.

By facilitating decentralised access to high-integrity data supplied from other chains and the Web2, Flare’s EVM-based Layer 1 aims to enhance blockchain’s potential uses. Flare launched its API in May 2023 and subsequently integrated the Google Cloud Marketplace. Anyone with a Google Cloud account can now easily access all of Flare’s current APIs, all thanks to the connection.

As a result of the integration, Google Cloud is now one of 100 companies that will be contributing to and validating data for the FTSO on Flare. As validators, these 100 Flare infrastructure providers will help keep the Flare network secure, and they will also contribute publicly available pricing data to the FTSO, Flare’s highly decentralised price oracle.

Decentralised apps on Flare and other chains rely on infrastructure providers to obtain high-quality decentralised data. These typically include price and time series data, blockchain event and status data, and Web2 API data. Also, Flare has joined the Google for Startups Cloud Programme, which aims to foster the expansion of Web3 companies. This gives Flare developers access to resources, both financial and technical, provided by Google Cloud and its affiliates.