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Flare Announces Integration Of Community-Led FlareDashboard Data Feed

Flare, a blockchain for building apps that get data from other chains and the internet, has announced a strategic cooperation with FlareDashboard, a database, and dashboard for information about Flare and Songbird infrastructure providers is governed by a community. The shared goal of this partnership is to better understand the many entities that make up the decentralised network infrastructure. The end goal is greater openness across the entire Flare ecosystem.

FlareDashboard integration and its impact on Flare ecosystem

Flare’s primary goal is to offer developers a decentralised, scalable source of data. It provides low-cost, highly scalable access to a wider variety of high-quality data through protocols that are integrated into the blockchain rather than layered on top of it.

The platform sets the way for a more transparent system by centralising essential data like team information, KYC compliance, operational history, data security, technological setup, and network addresses. Infrastructure providers can give more information to the community and make it available to all network members using the website flaredashboard.io.

At first, the partnership will be focusing on Flare Time Series Oracle (FTSO) data providers, who are crucial in supplying the network with decentralised price feed data. The partnership’s ultimate goal is to give network participants the information they need to make informed decisions. Therefore, its scope will grow to include validators and State Connector attestation providers in the future.

The purpose of FlareDashboard is to make it easier for providers of network infrastructure to share and verify data of value to one another. Ecosystem members can use this data to better delegate tasks to the support infrastructure teams that ultimately improve the ecosystem as a whole. Users of the Flare ecosystem can now make more informed decisions about their participation thanks to the FlareDashboard community’s clear view of the ecosystem’s contributors.