FEG Token Price Prediction: Time Is Running Out

Our FEG token price prediction needs the bulls to step up and bring their A-game.  The price is consolidating close to the very critical support at $0.0000000022. This support must hold, or things could turn ugly for the bulls. After a show of blistering price action last year, the FEG token has faced intense selling pressure since the start of 2022. While most cryptocurrencies have started recovering, the FEG price is still lagging. 

Latest FEG Coin News 

As the name suggests, the project team is committed to feeding every gorilla. According to the latest FEG coin news, the project has won the Best DeFi Tech Award at the Crypto Expo Dubai. However, it is essential to note that many big DeFi projects weren’t present at the event. Therefore, any future FEG token price prediction depends massively on its hype. 

FWrap is another feature that allows users to wrap their cryptocurrencies and earn passive rewards in terms of reflections. Other products like FEGEX, FEG token template, and FEG Radio are also available. However, the adoption of these products is still very low. Many investors still view FEG Coin just as a meme coin. It is available on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum blockchains.

FEG Token Price Prediction 

The technical analysis of the FEG token shows that the coin has been in a downtrend since hitting $0.0000000155 in Oct 2021. The cryptocurrency rallied in Feb 2022; however, it was brutally rejected from the $0.0000000090 level. Nevertheless, the support at $0.0000000022 seems to be strong as it is still holding. After a long bear trend, the bears might be losing some momentum. This could be the last chance for the bulls to step up and regain control. 

Any move lower than the $0.0000000022 low could make the FEG token price prediction of $0.0000000012 a reality. This would be disastrous for short-term traders as the token won’t be recovering anytime soon. Such a move could mean a 45% drop in price from the current level. Therefore, it is better to wait till the FEG token reclaims the $0.0000000050 level, which could act as an excellent reversal signal for long-term buyers. 

FEG/USD Technical Analysis

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