Exness Trading Volume Spikes as User Growth Accelerates

Exness, the popular forex and CFD broker, had a strong performance in July as the volume of transactions rose. In its monthly report, the company said that its total volume of transactions rose to over $2 trillion in June.

Exness revenue and user growth

Exness is a leading forex and CFD broker that operates in most countries globally. It is well-known for the unlimited leverage it provides to its customers.

The company has had a strong performance in 2021 even as mainstream brokers like Robinhood and Schwab recoil.

In a report, the company said that the total volume of transactions in its platform jumped to over $2 trillion in July. This happened as volatility in the market eased and top assets like stocks and cryptocurrencies bounced back. 

This volume was marginally higher than what it processed in June. Most importantly, it was almost double what it handled in the same month in 2021. Also, it was the fifth straight month that the company has handled volume worth over $2 trillion.

Exness did well as the number of active customers in its platform rose to over 350,0000. The company has added customers in all months since May of this year.

Another reason for this growth is that the company’s marketers and introducing brokers are doing well. The total rewards paid to these partners increased from about $77 million in the first quarter to over $80 billion. 

Forex and CFD brokers doing well

Exness performance mirrors that of other companies in the forex and CFD trading industry. On Wednesday, Plus500, a listed company in the sector said that its had-year revenue jumped to over $511 million in the first half of the year. This increase was about 50% higher than what it made in the same time in 2021. Its EBITDA rose to over $305 million from the previous $187 million.

The same is true with IG Group, another listed company that generated over 972 million pounds in the last financial year. Meanwhile, ATFX, one of the fastest-growing forex and CFD broker said that its trading volume jumped to $564.2 billion in the second quarter, a 39.8% increase from Q1. Its active traders rose to over 51k.