ENF Teams Up With Dan Larimer, Embarks on Rebuilding EOS Network

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) has teamed up with Dan Larimer, the original creator of EOS Network, to reconfigure and revamp the EOS network. The move comes following ENF’s takeover of the network from Block One.

The recent resolution of the dispute between ENF and Block One paved the way for a new beginning at EOS. Furthermore, ENF has since terminated Block One’s block rewards payment.

The EOSIO design and the EOS network are credited to Dan Larimer. He makes a comeback after having left Block One earlier. Despite having left the network, Larimer has always maintained an active interest in its development. He has never shied away from expressing his disappointment with Block One’s mismanagement of the network. Urged on by the EOS community’s passionate push and active response to issues affecting the network, ENF has regained control over the network.

 I’m excited to partner with the ENF, and I have never been more optimistic about the future vision for EOS.”

Dan Larimer

The journey to EOS rediscovery

The EOS community’s determination to regain control of the network saw community members raise $21 million. The money will fund the network’s development and effectively stamped ENF’s control over EOS. Furthermore, community member, Dan Larimer has been working on the Mandel codebase with Clarion OS. The Mandel codebase will power the network once it abandons the old repository.  

Yves La Rose, a lead at the ENF, stated, “Taking over the EOSIO codebase is a top priority for the ENF. Partnering with Dan Larimer, the original architect of the EOS software, was a natural first step in accomplishing that goal.”

There’s much to hope for EOS after two years of stagnation of the network‘s infrastructure under Block One. Dan Larimer and the experienced team of EOSIO developers are spearheading the rejuvenation and revitalization of the network.

The first action by Larimer and EOSIO team will be the forking of EOSIO codebase into Mandel. With Mandel as the new repository, the team’s focus is also on flexibility. This will see Mandel 2.3 take over from EOSIO 2.2. In addition, an upgraded version called Mandel 3.0 will be released on January 31st. Dan Larimer described the Mandel code fork as “the shortest path to EOS independence.” Mandel 3.0 will become a reality, thanks to its community’s contribution of 200,000 EOS for its development.

About EOS

Founded in June 2018, EOS is a blockchain-centric platform that specializes in developing dApps (decentralized applications). Block One developed the platform’s EOSIO software, which has been powering the network.

 Following a period of relative stagnation on the platform, the EOS community managed to take over the network from Block One. Consequently, EOS Network Foundation (ENF), which represents the community, takes charge of the network. Furthermore, the network’s blockchain’s governance is now fully under the community. The new team hopes to make the network more accessible to the masses with a reward system.