easyMarkets Brings High Leverage MT5 Trading

easyMarkets has announced the launching of its MT5 platform. In addition to a higher leverage of 500:1, the MT5 is equipped with variable spreads. However, European and Australian clients cannot benefit from the higher leverage because of regulations. The new offering gives easyMarkets clients even more options to choose from while trading. Furthermore, the MT5 is an addition to the extensive variety of platforms that already exist, consisting of easyMarkets’ own web and mobile platform, MT4, and TradingView.

easyMarkets trading and protection against negative balances

As a result of the launch of this new product, easyMarkets‘ clients will be able to trade more easily with the option of either floating or fixed spreads, or both, all inside the same trading ecosystem. With MT5, clients will get features like Negative Balance Protection, Free Stop Loss and Take Profit Orders, and No Commissions or Other Fees. In addition, the product is compatible with Expert Advisors, which enables traders to engage in automated trading.

Ohad Golan, the easyMarkets Chief Marketing Officer, says,“Our mission is and always has been to offer traders an industry-leading experience, and that’s why we are tirelessly developing and launching updates to the services, products, and platforms we offer.”

There are many factors that influence the decision to offer variable spreads on MT5, including market conditions. When volatility rises or falls, they get tighter or wider, respectively. On the other hand, fixed spreads do not fluctuate throughout market trading hours. As a result, this provides customers with yet another trading strategy.

During trading hours, the fixed spread does not fluctuate. As a result, they don’t need any attention. However, depending on market conditions, variable spreads change. This is typically the case whenever there is either a high degree of volatility or higher liquidity. Because of this, traders who use variable spreads must pay more attention to their trades.