Dogelon Mars Price Prediction: Can it hit $0.01 in 2022?

The Dogelon Mars price prediction could be fairly bullish if it breaks out of the downtrend avoiding a lower low. Dogelon Mars coin has been in a severe downtrend since hitting its all-time high of $0.00000259 in October 2021. Dogelon price is hovering between key support and a downwards trendline. Any lower low could push the price 50% down causing panic among memecoin investors.

Dogelon Mars Coin Latest News

According to Dogelon Mars latest news, the memecoin is currently trading at $0.000000779. It is still around 70% down from its all-time high of $0.00000259. The last few months have been brutal for crypto and most of the memecoins are 80%-90% down from their ATH. Dogelon coin aims to become an interplanetary cryptocurrency. The team is marketing it as a Dogecoin killer while also emphasizing that it is not a memecoin.

Nevertheless, most crypto investors still consider Dogelon Mars crypto a memecoin. Dogelon Mars price prediction significantly depends on how its price performs in the next few days. At the moment it is sitting at a$ 432 million market cap which is huge when compared to other memecoins. ELON is the official ticker of Dogelon and it currently resides as an ERC-20 asset on Ethereum. Elon price is currently struggling to gain momentum.

Dogelon Mars Price Prediction

As described earlier, Dogelon Mars price has been facing intense sell pressure since October 2021. The price hit $0.000000623 on 24th February after the news of turbulence from Eastern Europe. However, the price bounced off and is now more than 27% up from the recent low. For a bullish Dogelon price prediction, the coin must not close a daily candle below $0.000000605 level.

Any breach of this level could give bears enough momentum to push it further 50% down. On the other Dogelon Mars price needs to break out of the downward trendline to target any bullish targets. Any higher high than $0.000001150 can give it enough momentum to hit $0.000002 level by end of the year. Many investors are aiming for the targets like $0.01 for ELON price. Such price targets seem to be out of the realms of possibility due to its massive circulating supply of 1 Quadrillion.

Dogelon Technical Analysis

Dogelon Mars price chart