DNNR Launches Luxury Dining NFTs Targeting London Restaurants

DNNR, an event-centric NFT Membership platform, has announced the debut of its NFT-based initiative that allows holders to participate in real-world events at some of the world’s trendiest restaurants. Younger, tech-savvy customers will be served through DDNR’s collaborations with various eateries and events. The project’s goal is to utilize the most recent blockchain technology and incorporate digital assets in order to create a new type of premium dining and nightlife experience for young people in London.

What is the DNNR vision?

DNNR aims to break a barrier that has existed in the luxury dining segment. For the most part, restaurants have targeted senior professionals who gather to enjoy fine dining and discuss business. The younger generations, many of whom are also in gainful employment, are never part in this narrow focus. DNNR  aspires to reimagine what it means to be a member of a membership club running on NFT.  DNNR creates a one-of-a-kind, custom-tailored experience for each of its members. It fuses the elegance of classic fine dining with the power of contemporary blockchain technology and NFTs.

Exclusive events, menus, and last-minute bookings are available to members of the project’s membership program. One of the most talked about restaurants in London, Gold Notting Hill, hosted DNNR’s inaugural event. Also, there was a customised champagne tasting in a Mayfair Wine Bar.

With the help of DNNR, businesses will be able to expand their income and profit margins while also becoming part of a cutting-edge, high-end network. For high-quality venues, it’s an opportunity to attract younger customers, stay relevant, and create a presence in the metaverse.

Members-only metaverse experiences are a key component of DNNR. Ivana Salamone founded DNNR with the goal of expanding their network of partner restaurants and venues throughout the world. Graceland, an artist and a specialist in 3D design, is also working alongside Ivana in creating the DNNR Metaverse experience. Also on board is Willem Pinçon, a champagne sales veteran with more than a decade of experience in the luxury and hospitality industries.