Decentralized Oracle Network, WINkLink To List Its WIN Token On AscendEX

Crypto exchange platform, AscendEX, will list the WINkLink token (WIN) on April 6th, 2022. The token will be tradable with USDT and will be available from 1 pm UTC. The listing marks a key milestone for  WINkLink, as it continues to establish its presence in the crypto market by providing smart contract security solutions. WINkLink operates a technology that expands the application of smart contracts beyond the blockchain ecosystem. Specifically, it uses decentralized oracle infrastructure to provide bridges between smart contracts built on a blockchain with off-chain data sources.

WIN is WINkLink’s native token, and it is a TRC-20 token, meaning that it operates on the Tron network. Therefore, this is likely to attract more users to the WINkLink ecosystem, given the comparatively faster transaction speeds and lower transaction costs on the Tron network. However, WINKLink plans to integrate with other blockchains in the near future. Consequently, this could substantially increase the scalability of the WIN token.

 WIN token’s key function is to power processes on the WINkLink network. It is used to pay the network’s node operators, conduct off-chain computations and format the oracle data into blockchain-readable formats. Therefore, with these use cases, the demand for WIN may grow steadily soon, which could help push up the price. Also, WINKLink’s reliability and stability in providing decentralized oracle services will likely make it a preferred platform for DeFi applications. 

WINkLink is a decentralized oracle network that provides the infrastructure needed to integrate on-chain and off-chain smart contract execution. It is on a mission to promote the large-scale application of smart contracts outside blockchain ecosystems without compromising security, transparency and reliability.

By using the decentralized oracles, it can facilitate data sharing and obtaining off-chain data and transmitting it in a usable format to smart contract ecosystems. WINKLink operates on the Tron network and has a native token, WIN, which powers its processes. At the time of writing, WIN has a market capitalization of $329 million.