Cyber Yachts Partners With Marco Ferrari In Luxury-Themed NFT Project

Cyber Yachts, the world’s first metaverse yacht firm, has formed a partnership with the renowned Italian yacht designer Marco Ferrari and the 137-meter megayacht Neptune that he designed. Cyber Yachts is a high-end event and game metaverse comprising yachts, celebrities, artists, island hopping, and a wide ocean of destinations. Members of Cyber Yachts will have access to a private Yacht Club in both the real and virtual worlds.

What’s in it for Cyber Yachts members?

The 450ft Neptune is Cyber Yachts’ third world-class megayacht to join their fleet. With a gross weight of over 5,000 tons, the Neptune can seat 36 guests and a crew of 50. Neptune also has two helipads, seven tender boats, three swimming pools, and an outdoor movie theater. With its methanol fuel cells, the Neptune is able to explore protected areas with minimal emissions while also improving comfort.

The NFT market is ripe for Cyber Yachts, which has been at the vanguard of metaverse and blockchain technology innovation. According to a recent announcement, the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Cyber Yatchs patent pending status. The platform’s NFT and metaverse projects resulted in the inventions that gave rise to the patent applications. Members of Cyber Yachts will have access to the Cyber Yachts Metaverse by participating in ticketed and VIP events, obtaining special tickets, attending artist performances, participating in play-to-earn gaming, and owning digital assets.

Many market analysts have predicted exponential growth for both NFT. For instance, Morgan Stanley and Citi estimate that the metaverse, will be worth between $13 trillion and $8 trillion by 2030. Therefore, this presents an immense growth opportunity for metaverse and NFT projects. The growth prospects could be even better for projects with real world use cases such as Cyber Yatchs.