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Cryptoverse LAND NFTs Put On Sale

The Cryptoverse, the creators of the popular RPG game, ChainGuardians, have announced an upcoming sale of LAND NFTs. The sale will take place on the Binance NFT marketplace and  Galler on March 22nd, 2022, at 3 PM UTC. The LANDs are plots on the fast-rising Cryptoverse game. Moreover, they are scarce digital in-game items in this particular metaverse. Furthermore, holders of LAND can use them to enhance their in-game experience. They can build real estate, monetize or use them to customize their in-game environment.

LAND and how to own it

For this particular launch, minting of single LAND plots will take place on Polygon. On the other hand, Estates can be minted on Ethereum. The plots are ERC-721 tokens and the decision to use Ethereum is due to the need to increase scalability and maintain a high level of security. The value of the LAND NFTs is in their scarcity. Those who own their plots early will benefit from the low transaction fees that come with cross-chain exploration.  

Those who use the Binance NFT marketplace will use the BUSD payment method and must undergo a KYC verification process. Additionally, the NFT Estates will come in two packages on the Binance NFT platform “Small” will come with 80 items and sell at $5,200, while “Single” will come with 20 items selling at $180.The “Small” Estates on Galler will come with 20 items and go for $5,200, while “Single” will have 500 items and go for $180.

The game’s developers have spiced things up by giving early bird special offers. Cryptoverse LAND traders stand to win 90 exclusive Binancio Kyubu NFTs and 50 Galler Kyubu NFTs between 11 AM UTC on March 22nd and 11 AM UTC on March 28th. These NFTs are 3D assets redeemable for physical gifts and in-game assets.

 To purchase their Cryptoverse NFTs, users should head to the Cryptoverse website to select the LAND they wish to purchase and define its size. Thereafter, they will receive an NFT voucher to transfer to the Web 3 wallet on BNB Chain by May 1st,2022 via WalletConnect.

Commenting on the sale, The Cryptoverse Co-founder Robbie Cochrane expressed his delight at partnering with Binance NFT and Galler. He stated that Binance is a reputable industry leader and that exposing the NFTs to its large and active user community would propel the sale to greater success.

About the Cryptoverse

The Cryptoverse is a metaverse game in a 3D virtual world. The game is built using cutting-edge technology in Unreal Engine 5. The game’s setting is in an archipelago consisting of eight islands, each with unique aesthetics and a different zone. Players can own LAND, which are in-game items that come in the form of ERC-721 or NFTs. The LANDs have provable ownership, giving players bragging rights in this exciting metaverse.