Cryptoslam Raises $9 Million to Support its Expansion Strategy

NFT-centric data and analytics platform Cryptoslam  has raised $9 million from strategic investors. Mark Cuban and Sound Ventures also joined in the capital raising venture. Animoca Brands led the way, however. NFT initiatives and blockchain firms have received a lot of money from these investors before.

The funds will go towards supporting Cryptoslam’s ambitious recruitment plan, expansion of the platform for new and current blockchains, and the introduction of various new products. Cryptoslam attracted well-known brands in the industry, a testament to its great potential. Animoca Brands, for example, is a well-known NFT investor with investments in Axie Infinity.

Randy Wasinger, CEO of Cryptoslam, believes that the blockchain trend is here to stay and that NFTs will be there for a long time.

Since 2018, we’ve been laying the groundwork to provide ultimate transparency for the NFT industry, and this strategic capital raise marks a key milestone for us as we continue to grow along with it”

Cryptoslam founder and CEO, Randy Wasinger


Yat Siu, the executive chairman and co-founder of Animoca Brands was emphatic about the Cryptoslam venture.  He praised Cryptoslam’s expertise in aggregating and analyzing NFT data across multiple chains. He went on to say that these services were crucial in the growth of the metaverse.

About Cryptoslam

Founded in 2018, Cryptoslam is “the CoinMarketCap of NFTs”. In the same way that CoinMarketCap measures interest in cryptocurrencies, CryptoSlam provides NFT collection rankings as a cross-blockchain metric.

NFT token statistics from major blockchains like as Ethereum, Flow, Solana and Polygon may be seen on CryptoSlam’s website. Since early 2021, CryptoSlam has become a popular site for tracking NBA Top Shot trades on the Flow blockchain.