Crypto Craft Launches The First Crypto Economic Calendar

Crypto Craft, a website that provides market intelligence for cryptocurrency traders, has introduced the world’s first economic calendar that is tailored specifically to the needs of cryptocurrency traders. Traders can use this calendar to keep track of the ever-expanding list of economic events that have an impact on the crypto markets. A vital tool for traders, the economic calendar has been lacking from the cryptocurrency market until recently. You may customize alerts, filter events based on their impact and see economic charts relating to the events in the calendar.

Why does it matter?

Financial economists that work around the clock to support Crypto Craft provide the economic calendar’s data. This assures that the calendar is accurate, dependable, current, and available for traders to use every day to make their most crucial trading decisions. ‘ Trading in the crypto markets becomes even more competitive with the addition of the new instrument. In order to keep traders up to date on the crypto markets, the economic calendar includes events that have a direct impact on the market.

“For nearly two decades we’ve been producing economic calendars for the financial markets, and it’s exciting to finally apply our expertise to the crypto market,” said Richard Schmid, President of Fair Economy, Inc., creators of Crypto Craft.

According to Crypto Craft, the calendar’s primary purpose is to bring some degree of predictability to a market in which traders are often caught off guard by sudden spikes in volatility. The Calendar is accessible from the Crypto Craft website, which caters solely to the needs of experienced traders taking part in the cryptocurrency market. Fair Economy, Inc., a firm whose mission is to increase access to financial information among the general public, owns and manages Crypto Craft.