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Colizeum Empowers Mobile Game Developers Through The Cross-Game $ZEUM Currency

Unlocking more mainstream use cases for blockchain technology remains a critical mission. Colizeum explores opportunities for this technology in mobile gaming. Developers can unlock more monetization options and tap into a broader audience through the project’s upcoming SDK. 

Colizeum Empowers Mobile Developers

It is intriguing to see how blockchain technology can disrupt the mobile game development industry. Powering games, primarily through the play-to-earn concept, has proven successful. It introduces more people to games where they control in-game assets and trade or sell them. However, these games primarily cater to crypto enthusiasts rather than mainstream gamers.

Colizeum wants to change the narrative by providing a Software Development Kit. Any mobile game development company can leverage the SDK to incorporate new monetization opportunities. For example, embedding play-to-earn mechanics is an option, as are monetized tournaments organized by the players. Both options can co-exist with traditional in-game advertisements and microtransaction, empowering developers to explore other options. 

It is essential to tap into as many revenue streams as possible without disrupting the player experience. Enabling players to earn in the game – either through tokenized in-game assets as NFTs or tournaments – can enhance the game’s appeal. Moreover, mobile game developers do not require blockchain coding skills to incorporate either option through the Colizeum SDK. 

With the help of this unified economy approach, developers can focus on the game. Monetization concerns become less apparent as everything is self-sustainable. Moreover, it creates a more compelling ecosystem for the players. Mobile gaming represents a $116 billion industry today. With more developers enabling free-to-play mechanics and creating monetized tournaments, user retention will improve and overall revenue generation. 

A Unified Mobile Gaming Economy Landscape

The Colizeum SDK introduces a unified game economy in the game itself. There is one currency to power everything: the $ZEUM token. However, as more developers integrate this SDK, the token gains broader cross-game utility. There is no need for games to have individual currencies, as one token becomes usable across various mobile games. That strengthens the ties between these games and their players. 

Several games have committed to incorporating the Colizeum SDK. The first one is Dystopia: Battle Arena, a game with over 1 million players and dubbed “Best Strategy Game of 2020” by Huawei AppGallery. Its in-game assets will become non-fungible tokens, accessible through Colizeum.com in May 2022. PoliPong, a former “Best New Game” on the App Store, will leverage the SDK too. 

All games using Colizeum’s blockchain monetization solutions will gain broader exposure. They will all be visible on the Colizeum Game Store, which does not charge a 30% cut on every transaction. Instead, it aims to provide the much-needed alternative to the Play Store and the App Store, and their exuberant fees. 

$ZEUM Token Generation Event

The $ZEUM token is a crucial aspect of the Colizeum vision for mobile game development. The token has gone through successful IDOs across top-tier crypto platforms. To enhance its accessibility and appeal, the Token Generation Event will occur across centralized and decentralized exchanges. Participants include Pancakeswap, Gate.io, and Uniswap. 

May 4th is the date of the $ZEUM TGE – at 04:00 am UTC –  and is also the day when users can begin staking the token. Staking offers a lucrative passive revenue stream – with a 4x higher APY when using the liquidity pool staking option – and unlocks token rewards, NFT whitelist spots, higher in-game income, and exclusive in-game quests and rewards. 

The Token Generation Event marks a crucial milestone for the Colizeum ecosystem. However, more is to come, as players looking to earn from these blockchain-based monetization solutions need to acquire a Player Card. Every Player Card is an NFT and provides utility to access all games under the Colizeum banner. The team will release more information on these NFTs shortly.