Chibi Clash To Build Fantasy Web3 Gaming Universe After $3M Fundraise

Thanks to venture funds and angel investors, a fantasy gaming universe based on Web3, Chibi Clash, has collected $3 million via a private fundraising round. The collected funds are the initial capital needed before the upcoming IDO.

Plenty of major DAOs and funds joined the fundraising round, including Alliance, Jump Capital, Polygon Ventures, Shima Capital, Avocado DAO, Rainmaker Games, and others. Some of the most prominent angel investors include Peter Ing, Cozomo de’ Medici, Jack Teoh, Santiago Santos, and Nick Chong.

Chibi Clash’s goal is to build a Web3 gaming universe revolving around the auto battler game. The company’s team consists of veteran gaming developers, designers, and more who gained experience in companies such as Bandai Namco, EA, Funcom, and Zynga.

The game’s main source of inspiration is Hearthstone Battlegrounds, while MapleStory inspires the art style. The upcoming game is an asynchronous PvP title allowing players to recruit troops, upgrade them, and send them into battle against other players. Each player has a goal to achieve ten victories before the troops’ morale runs out due to losses.

Web3 Makes All the Difference in Chibi Clash

Even though Chibi Clash is completely free to play, it features NFTs, which unlock additional features to enhance the gameplay experience, introduce play-to-own mechanics, and many other benefits.

Players who own NFTs will have access to more weapons in the game and unlock Tier 3 upgrades for them based on their non-fungible token metadata.

Chibi Clash has a multi-phased roadmap where the auto battler is just the first step. In the second phase, the game will find new ways to introduce additional gameplay options and ways further to use original and partner NFTs in the ecosystem. The roadmap also includes adding guild leaderboard competitions, NFT marketplace, and more. In addition to NFTs, the game will feature CLASH tokens, a cryptocurrency native to the game’s ecosystem, which players can use to purchase items in the marketplace. They will be able to utilize the purchased items in the gameplay.

Urvit Goel, VP of Games BD at Polygon Ventures, stated they were excited about the journey Chibi Clash would take and provided full support for the groundbreaking ecosystem behind the popular P2E game built on Polygon. Goel added that the game was making a unique web3 gaming universe that incorporated “fun and addictive PvP gaming experiences.”

Ted Mui, Founder of Chibi Clash, shared his excitement, saying they were thrilled to work with the investors who shared the Web3 gaming vision. Mui added that he believed Web3 gaming had the power to disrupt the gaming ecosystem by creating real value for both collectors and players. He concluded that Web3 was still in the early development stages but that Chibi Clash had the potential to develop a “fun and sustainable play-to-own ecosystem” which would appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers.