BlockWallet Launches Privacy-Enhanced Browser Wallet

BlockWallet has launched a privacy-enhanced version of the wallet in the form of a browser extension. The new wallet offers anonymity and privacy in cryptocurrency transactions and other dApps on Web3. The new BlockWallet aims to address the existing security concerns among users, whereby personal financial details are easily traceable. Notably, BlockWallet has introduced a proxy browsing feature, which allows users to interact with dApps without revealing their IP addresses.  

Also, BlockWallet supports leading blockchains, namely Ethereum, BTC, Polygon, Phantom and Avax. Users can have peace of mind while using the wallet for gambling, e-commerce, ENS domains, private transfers etc. Furthermore, it is compatible with leading browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, and Opera. Therefore, the wallet is likely to experience mass adoption in the coming days.

The BlockWallet community played an active role in testing the beta version of the wallet. More than 2,000 community members tried out the wallet and gave useful feedback on their user experience. The feedback helped the wallet’s developers to create an intuitive yet safe and secure wallet. 

Also, Blockwallet has been running a bug bounty program, with the ultimate prize worth $150,000. That is proof that the developers have dedicated a significant amount of time and resources towards improving the wallet.

BlockWallet CEO Aleksandras Gaska, expressed his delight at the improved product. Particularly, he expressed confidence that it would enable anyone from anywhere around the world to secure their blockchain transactions. Blockwallet CTO Iman Hossini, stated that BlockWallet was a significant step towards ensuring true privacy on Web3.

As we build Web3, we should not make the same errors as before but aim to create a truly private Web3 experience”.

BlockWallet CTO, Iman Hossini

What does BlockWallet bring?

  • Blockwallet users on the Ethereum network can mask their main wallet address through integrated Privacy Pools.
  • Users can send and receive their cryptos without exposing the balance on the main wallet.
  • The wallet is non-custodial, which gives users total control over their funds.
  • The wallet can hide users’ IPs through its proxy browsing feature.
  • It offers front-running bot protection.
  • The wallet has cross-chain capabilities. Therefore, users can access dApps across different blockchains.

The wallet will add other features in the near future, including NFT support.

About BlockWallet

BlockWallet is a browser extension non-custodial wallet that offers maximum privacy and security for blockchain interactions. It uses privacy proxies when relaying transactions, thereby concealing personal financial data. Also, the wallet supports smart contracts through zk-SNARKS technology, which it uses to mix funds, thereby ensuring privacy.  

The wallet issued the $BLANK token in its initial funding round in early 2021, which saw investors raise $1.8 million. The funding round was oversubscribed by 68 times, underlining the great investor interest in the project. The $BLANK token is currently trading at about $0.6959 and has a market capitalization of $12 million.