Blockchain Esports Platform MegaFans Launches On Samsung Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery

Multiplayer gaming platform MegaFans has announced entry into two of the world’s largest app stores, the Samsung Galaxy Store and Huawei AppGallery. The move follows earlier entries into Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That effectively means that MegaFans is now available in the four largest app stores. This means it is accessible to 99.9% of global smartphone users. In keeping with MegaFans’ objective to establish the world’s first mobile esports community based on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs in a play-to-earn environment for players, collectors and developers, the move is a positive development for the company.

Furthermore, MegaFans has introduced two new exciting games: King Koin and Jet Jack. Like Donkey Kong and Super Mario, King Koin offers a comparable degree of pleasure for gamers to enjoy. Players need to keep their health above 0 while pursuing a high score in increasingly difficult levels. On the other hand, Jet Jack is one of the most engrossing platform games on mobile devices. In this game, winning tournaments requires players to maintain Jet Jack gliding and flying as long as possible.

Meanwhile, the recent senior team expansion at MegaFans is paying off. In January 2022, the company appointed Olivia Jacobs as its Director of Marketing. Evidently, Jacobs’s 15 years of marketing experience and her solid background in business development have been beneficial to the company’s marketing staff. Throughout the first quarter, MegaFans benefited greatly from her efforts on its social media channels. Its follower base exploded from 7,000 total followers to over 50,000 in a matter of months.

“I know that this is a project with longevity, and it’s really cool that one day I will look back and say, ‘wow, I was a part of that,” said Jacobs.

About MegaFans

Mobile esports community MegaFans (Mobile Esports Gaming Fanatics) uses blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs to create the first mobile gaming community. On this platform, gamers, collectors, and developers can make money while having fun. “Esports for All!” is the company’s motto, and it targets underserved markets all around the world.

MegaFans is on a charm offensive to attract the masses and already has over 356K registered users. Publishers of mobile games can benefit from MegaFans’ turnkey solutions, which enhance the gaming experience for players and their social networks while also increasing revenue.