Bitgert Price Prediction: Why Brise Is Poised to Struggle In August

Brise price closed the month of July in a strong push to the downside. Unsurprisingly, the drop followed the general cryptocurrency industry, which also ended the month in an aggressive push to the downside. 

Since its founding, Bitgert has continued to become a staple in the cryptocurrency due to its speed which allows it to process more than 100,000 transactions per second. Bitgert has also been environmentally friendly blockchain technology. Compared to other projects, most blockchain investors, who are also environmentally conscious, have continued to flock and invest in Bitgert.

However, despite its strong support for the environment, amazing speeds, and zero-cost gas fees, the project has continued to struggle in the markets. In July, Bitgert was only up by 2 per cent. This is after dropping by 49 per cent in June and 29 per cent in May.

Despite how the month unfolded, Bitgert started strongly in July, and at some point, it was up by 30 per cent. However, the second half of the month saw the prices starting to plummet. The drop also coincided with the cryptocurrency industry, and fast forward to today, July can be viewed as a terrible month.

Bitgert Price Prediction

Having looked at what happened in July, it is only fair to forecast what is likely to happen in August. Therefore, despite today’s trading session showing a percentage gain in the markets, I still remain bearish on Bitgert. 

There is a reason for my bearish analysis of the cryptocurrency. For starters, the current global environment is extremely bearish. Therefore, I expect the current struggles in the global cryptocurrency markets to continue for the next few months. 

Despite making significant changes in the past few months, and being among the best technical cryptocurrencies, the crypto has continued to struggle. Unfortunately, I don’t foresee a news event that will see this change.

Therefore, my August Bitgert price prediction expects it to drop because it will follow the bigger cryptocurrency industry trend, which I expect to be aggressively bearish. My analysis will only be invalidated should the cryptocurrency industry as a whole start a rally, which seems implausible in the current environment.

Bitgert Daily Chart

Bitgert price prediction