Bitgert Price Prediction: Is a New Trend in the Offing?

For more than a month now, the Bitgert price has traded within a very narrow margin of between 0.0000004 and $0.0000006. It has also failed to show signs of establishing a trend, even when the general cryptocurrency industry has been in a trending market.

However, despite currently trading in a sideways market, the past two months have seen Bitgert price dropping by more than 60 per cent. During this period, Bitgert was trading in tandem with the cryptocurrency industry, which was also in an aggressive bearish trend.

Bitgert Price Prediction

Looking at the chart below, it is clear that Bitgert price has continued to struggle for more than a month. In today’s trading session, the prices are up by a percentage point. However, the trend looks to be a continuation of the past month, whereby a bullish push follows a streak of the bearish trend and completes the cycle by wiping out the losses before a new bearish trend starts. 

The chart below also shows indicators such as the Williams Alligator also shows Bitgert has lost momentum and volatility. The indicator gives signals of a long-term horizontal market where prices are not moving in any direction.

Therefore, based on the recent price action of Bitgert, my price prediction expects the current sideways trend to continue. I expect the prices to continue trading within the narrow range of between 0.0000004 and $0.0000006 for the next few trading session. I also expect today’s bullish trend to be wiped out before hitting $0.0000006. 

However, my sideways analysis will be invalidated should the Bitgert price trade below or above the 0.0000004 and $0.0000006 price range, respectively. If it breaks below 0.0000004, then chances are Bitgert price has entered a bearish trend. A break above the $0.0000006 price level will establish a bullish trend.

Bitgert Daily Chart

Bitgert price prediction