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Battle of Olympus to Launch Presale for $GODLY Token

Arcade street fighter Battle of Olympus will begin preselling its virtual currency, the $GODLY, on the Ethereum L2 platform Arbitrum. Battle of Olympus’ primary ERC-20 token, $GODLY, has multiple applications for players and investors. The token can be used not only as a wager in PVP matches but also to buy loot boxes, consumables, and boosters. The presale launch will take place on Monday, March 27.

Launched in 2022, Battle of Olympus is Revenant’s first flagship title. The game features players battling against Greek gods and other players in the cyberpunk Role Playing Game set in the city of Olympus. Conquering the city requires you to go to the summit of Olympus. The game’s gameplay is thrilling, combining roguelike and role-playing elements.

The game is one of the few fully functional demos, which is rare for a Web3 game. In addition, an upcoming set of digital collectibles will be added in the second quarter of 2023. Those who buy $GODLY tokens early will acquire them at the lowest possible price. The presale begins at a price of $0.0221 for the first round and will increase by $0.01 in each of the next four stages.

The Battle of Olympus gameplay

There are two main modes of play in Battle of Olympus: player vs player, in which players utilize their weapons and armor to fight with one another, and player versus environment, in which players and their faction acquire god territories during a season on the Olympus Map.

Furthermore, weapon and armor drops become available to players as they level up, allowing them to better equip their characters or sell them on the Revenant Market. Winners of tournaments, seasons, and positions on leaderboards will also be rewarded with tokens.

It is worth mentioning that Battle of Olympus places a greater emphasis on gameplay than on earning potential. The idea is to create an experience that is reminiscent of such iconic fighting games as Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, and many more. In other words, winning is the main goal, not the rewards.

Rewards system and token economy

There are 100,000,000 $GODLY tokens in circulation, with 16% going to the three presale rounds (OG Whitelist, Public Whitelist, Public Sale), and 4% going to seed investors. Prior to its official release, the $GODLY presale will feature four investment waves:

  • Seed Round
  • OG Whitelist – March 27
  • Public Whitelist – March 29
  • Public Sale – March 31

The pre-sale platform for the $GODLY tokens will launch on March 27.  Players must be on either the Original Whitelist or the Public Whitelist to participate in the first two rounds of the presale. However, at the close of those rounds, the last round of the Public Sale will be available to the public on Friday, March 31. The $GODLY price will be far lower than its current exchange rate, making it available to everyone.

The game uses a reward system that strikes a balance between earning incentives and players’ overall satisfaction with the experience in order to draw in new players and keep the old ones for the long haul, thus ensuring the game’s economy can continue to thrive. While there will be incentives for players’ efforts, this will not be at the expense of their enjoyment or the game’s long-term viability.