BarrelDAO Sells Out Beer-themed NFTs

BarrelDAO, a DAO with a primary focus on breweries and distilleries, has sold out its beer-themed  NFTs it released on Friday. In exchange for 1.35 SOL, equivalent to about $45, holders of each of the 333 NFTs can redeem them for special Solana-themed beer. Each item serves as a receipt and entitles the holder to a 16-pack of Solana Summer Shandy. Also, 17 of the NFTs were available on Magic Eden for 2.49 SOL (about $79).

BarrelDAO’s success and impact on NFT sector

An entirely decentralized brewery and distillery, BarrelDAO is run by its users. There were just 333 beers of 16-packs of Solana Summer Shandy available at launch. The price included the beer shipment to the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. The end product was a 4% ABV lemonade shandy, according to the DAO, which claims that 20 members of the community served as taste testers during the development process.

In a way, the beer serves as advertising for the SOL network’s use cases. In addition to the one-of-a-kind avatars that are included with the sets, the NFT artwork makes allusions to a wide variety of Solana-based NFT initiatives. Barrel Labs co-founder and CEO Dave Goldman said that the firm controls 20 of the NFTs displayed on the cans. However, 23 of these NFTs have been included in the listings thanks to license agreements with their respective holders.

Solana is more than just a name and a redemption token in BarrelDAO’s brew. For example, the cans have unique artwork by Mark Lauthier that alludes to a plethora of NFT projects in Solana and even features individual avatars from those collections. As the NFT market tries to find its footing following a long market slump, real-world use cases like BarrelDAO’s beer may spark the interest that could sustain the sector for a long time.