Mircea Vasiu
Mircea, MBA in International Business graduating Magna Cum Laudae, trades for a living and contributes to various financial publications for more than six years. He writes about macroeconomics, stock indices, currencies, and most recently ETFs and individual stocks. For the past decade, he’s involved in everything trading related, mostly in the currency market, both with manual and algorithmic trading.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Prepares for a New Leg Higher – 30k Here We Come

[adrotate group=”3″] The stock market consolidates current levels and Dow Jones forms a pennant on the daily chart. The measured move points to new all-time highs, as long as the price does not fall below 27,500. The U.S. indices traded with a bid tone ever since the March meltdown. Many […]


EUR to GBP Lower Highs Suggest a Bearish Outcome

[adrotate group=”3″] One of the slowest currency pairs during the pandemic was the EURGBP. The EUR to GBP exchange rate hovers around the 0.90 level for many months now, lacking any kind of direction. The price action in cross pairs (i.e. pairs that do not have the USD in their […]

Bullish Flag on Ripple Price Pointing to a Move to 0.4

[adrotate group=”3″] Ripple price moves in a tight range this August, finding stiff resistance at the 0.3 area. But the pattern looks like a bullish flag, a continuation pattern meant to break higher. The frenzy surrounding the crypto market continues. This summer, we saw the Bitcoin price finally breaking above […]


EURUSD’s Relentless Bid Continues – Will It Make a New High?

[adrotate group=”3″] The EURUSD bid continues unabated – a one-way street recovery since it corrected to 1.17. The entire previous week, traders bought it on every single dip, and closed Friday at the highs. Not only the EURUSD, but the Euro in general trades with a bullish tone. EURGBP, EURJPY, […]


EURUSD Back To 1.1650 To Complete a Bearish Pattern

[adrotate group=”3″] The EURUSD pair traded with a bullish tone all week. Ever since it reached 1.17 area, it bounced in a relentless bid to make new highs. So far, it failed. Unidirectional moves in the currency market are not strange during the summer trading months. They reflect the poor […]