Atani Review: An Easily Accessible Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

One of the barriers to entry into cryptocurrency trading is the simple fact that, at the start, it can be a little hard to get your head around it. 26.8% of Americans report their reason for not investing is that it is too complicated to understand.

Alongside getting to grips with exactly how cryptocurrency works, 11.4% have stated that they find the tools used to trade crypto too complicated to learn

Atani acts as the solution to these problems, delivering an easy-to-use and straightforward solution to cryptocurrency trading. This all-in-one platform offers a comprehensive system of financial tools, allowing its users to perform every function they need, from trading and analysis to tax reporting and setting up trade actions. 

As Atani overcomes the issues that are holding the majority of investors back, could this new platform represent the tipping point for cryptocurrency, its accessibility pushing crypto once and for all into the mainstream?

What is Atani?

Founded in 2019 by siblings Paul and Haydée Barroso, Atani was created to solve two fundamental problems that crypto investors were experiencing: high service costs and difficult-to-use trading tools. Its mission is to bring affordable crypto trading to everyone, by providing the very best tools within one accessible platform.

Having been avid investors in cryptocurrency since 2013, the siblings repeatedly saw the frustrations inherent in many cryptocurrency trading platforms. That’s not to mention the nebulous and still a developing grey area of crypto tax affairs. But, living through the shifting crypto ecosystem, they saw what they wanted to change precisely. With that, Atani was born.

Their vision is backed by a glittering range of awards and funding, most recently raising a $3.7M seed round from many of Europe’s top venture capital firms. Their extensive awards demonstrate the impact they are making, with the past few years seeing them rack up an impressive portfolio: 

  • Place as one of the Top 3 start-ups at the European Blockchain convention in 2020
  • Was named the Top Blockchain Pick at Techcrunch Disrupted in 2019
  • Top 10 Fintech Start-up at South Summit in 2019
  • Top 12 Global Start-up at the Mobile World Congress in 2020

This is only the beginning of their achievements, with this company growing astronomically in a short amount of time.

What makes Atani unique?

Coinbase and other mainstream platforms have high fees for end-users and are often difficult to get to grips with, especially for beginners. In addition, while individual applications for crypto exchanges, portfolio tracking apps, tax reporting tools, and more are practical, the sheer number of apps needed to use makes this strategy unfavourable. 

Atani brings together all of the above features, providing every tool that a crypto investor will need, from the moment they buy a currency to the moment they report tax on that income. Everything is taken care of, with Atani simplifying investing in cryptocurrency significantly. 

Alongside providing a world-class system of tools, Atani also makes crypto trading as financially available as possible, with low costs that beat out major platforms. Due to their partnerships with platforms like Binance, KuCoin, Bitfinex, OKEx, and more, they are able to offer lower fees than their competitors, ensuring that you keep more of your earnings.

A core mission of Atani is to make cryptocurrency trading a frictionless process for everyone. With that in mind, they’ve created their platform with a range of different language possibilities allowing people to access the service in their native tongue. 

Additionally, by aggregating a range of tools on one platform, users no longer need to learn the ins and outs of many different services, with everything they need falling under the Atani ecosystem. 

Key features

What makes Atani stand out as a platform is its clever mix of vital trading features and innovative financial tools. It provides a comprehensive system that allows users to get the best out of cryptocurrency trading.

Instead of overcomplicating crypto, Atani breaks down the process into something easy to follow, with advanced tutorials breaking down all of the platform’s features. The standout features are:

  • Exchange Aggregator
  • Freemium Tools
  • DEX Aggregator
  • Tax Manager
  • Security 
  • Low Latency and High Availability

Let’s break these down further.

Exchange Aggregator

With an advanced exchange aggregator system, Atani enables users to trade, track efficiently, and alter within the world of cryptocurrencies. Currently offering over 9,000 pairs on 1,500 unique tokens that span more than 20 different exchanges, Atani brings everything needed to trade cryptocurrency into one convenient location.

Instead of moving from platform to platform, relearning shortcuts, navigation pathways, and basic trading mechanisms, Atani enables users to do all this on one platform. Furthermore, with seamless data collection from various sources, users will receive live prices and analysis within the aggregator. 

This comprehensive model simplifies investing, with this one easy-to-learn platform providing all the tools you need.

Freemium Model

Accessibility is at the heart of Atani, so they offer a vast range of free features for all of their users. For example, users will access the multi-exchange trading terminal to track the portfolio’s statistics, chart and technical analysis, get real-time price alerts, and access tax reports free of charge. This vast range of features means that a free account of Atani is viable.

Those who opt for a premium account will get additional access to the platform’s advanced features network. In addition, with updates to the app being launched regularly, premium members are always the first to try out Avani’s innovative new features.

DEX Aggregator

As demonstrated by their achievements, Atani is a business that places innovation at the forefront of its operations. That’s why it’s no surprise that they’ve recently announced a DEX aggregator, with its variety of tools making it the most advanced of its type on the Solana ecosystem. 

Alongside the plethora of tools that enable users to track every moment within their portfolio, receiving updates about major changes, this DEX aggregator includes advanced options tools. Users can set both market and limit orders, creating stop loss, take profit, and other bound metrics that add another layer of safety to your trading. 

These additional features are on top of previously integrated price alerts and technical analysis tools, with this platform giving you an unrelieved trading experience. 

Tax Management

Tax is rarely a fun issue, especially regarding cryptocurrency’s incredibly complicated reporting system. Atani acts as the solution to this problem, analyzing the user’s account’s spot trade history, including the price at purchase and the sale, to generate an audited tax report. In addition, users can directly submit this report, with all the information neatly broken down.

Users can compile their tax reports with just one click, allowing them to have a submittable document within seconds. Therefore, they go without worrying about cryptocurrency tax calculations again. In addition, Atani’s tax reports are compatible with the governmental systems from over 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas.

Security as a Priority

With the increasing fear surrounding cryptocurrency scams, hacks, and leaks after the sharp rise in 2019, security has to be a priority of any successful cryptocurrency trading platform. Atani hasn’t shied away from this fact, building a comprehensive digital security system to keep your wallets safe.

Atani has built a desktop trading app, avoiding cloud devices to ensure that their servers never hold your unique API keys or funds. This means that even in the unlikely situation in which Atani would be hacked, the intruders wouldn’t find clients data as it is securely stored on their devices.

Low Latency and High Availability

Part of what makes Atani such an attractive platform for trading cryptocurrency is that your access isn’t tied to any internal servers due to its desktop-built system. While if a site like Coinbase were to go down due to high demand, its users wouldn’t be able to access their cryptocurrency or trade, Atani ensures that its users are always connected.

As the app directly connects from users devices to the exchange API, trading is always available through Atani. Similarly, due to this stable connection, Atani offers incredibly low latency (100ms or less), meaning you can trade volatile assets precisely the moment you want to.

Final Thoughts

Acting as a simplified, accessible solution to cryptocurrency trading, Atani offers a range of world-class financial tools that make trading more straightforward than ever. Instead of high conversion fees, Atani offers a low-cost comprehensive platform that has all the tools users need in one location.

If you’re looking to get started in the world of crypto or want all your accounts in one place, then Atani is an outstanding choice.