Apple Share Price Seen Lower Despite Record Quarter Earnings

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Apple share price declined in the after-hours as investors are disappointed by the company’s results. While delivering a record quarter in terms of revenue, the company fell short of iPhone sales estimates. Also, its Chinese market share continues to decline, reaching multiyear lows.

However, sales of Mac and Services reached a new high. While not enough to offset the decline in iPhone sales, they contributed significantly to Apple’s record quarter. The company reported $64.7 billion in revenue for the last quarter of its fiscal year 2020 and specified that almost sixty percent of it came from its international sales division.

Apple Shares Falling Pre-Market

Despite announcing a dividend for the holders of its common shares, Apple shares reacted negatively to the record quarter. One of the main reasons for it is the huge discrepancy between Apple’s revenue growth and its stock price growth in the last year. For instance, while revenue grew only by 1%, the Apple share price grew by over 90%. Such discrepancy tells much about the valuation stretch that the company’s shares are trading at and explains the decline seen in the pre-market. 

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Apple Share Price Technical Analysis

The overall market sentiment does not help Apple investors too. The market trades with a dovish tone, and Nasdaq 100 is not able to bounce anymore as it used to. However, it remains close to the highs, with just a few days ahead of the US elections.

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From a technical perspective, Apple looks bearish if it manages to close below the neckline of a so-called head and shoulders pattern. However, the measured move looks too aggressive and projects a price that would not truly reflect the fundamentals. After all, this is a company that just delivered record revenues for the quarter.

Hence, bears may want to wait for a bounce before selling at the projected neckline. Or, courageous bulls may want to buy for the price to reach the projected neckline. In both cases, the risk for the trades should equal the distance between the neckline and its projection.

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Apple Share Price Forecast

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