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Airtm Launches New Self-Service Platform

Airtm, a leading digital dollar payments solutions provider, has launched new self-service Enterprise Platform. The new platform will enable enterprises, especially in Airtm’s primary markets of Africa, Latin America and South Asia to receive and make payments with greater ease and efficiency.

Airtm’s mission and payments processing strategy

Airtm is a North American firm with a mission to lower costs and remove barriers that hinder businesses in developing nations from participating in global markets. The millions of people around the world who use Airtm have access to the company’s automated peer-to-peer marketplace, as well as more than 400 payment rails for depositing and withdrawing funds locally. This allows enterprises to instantaneously receive or send payments from customers in 100+ different countries, including micropayments as low as $0.10.

With Airtm’s new innovative solution, enterprises no longer have to worry about converting currency or establishing local banking connections in order to quickly distribute or collect payments from customers. Airtm’s Enterprise Platform allows businesses to make international payments to their customers in as little as 6 minutes and for a flat fee of less than 5%.

Airtm says that this innovative product gives its clients an unrivalled access to Web 3.0 at a low cost. One advantage of such is that companies will no longer be restricted in their ability to make large-scale payroll payments. Airtm reports that over 100 companies have chosen Airtm to handle their mass payments. In addition to offering process automation, the platform employs an onramp infrastructure supplied by several partners.

With this new system, businesses can control their own financial transactions independently. There are no restrictions on the number of people they can pay or how much they can pay them. Using Airtm’s API and services, customers can automate the entire payment process, or they can use the new self-service platform to make payments manually with simplicity and ease.

In addition to gaining access to Airtm’s community of a million digital entrepreneurs, integrating with the company gives businesses a customised growth plan. This is key to helping them expand into areas where they would otherwise be hampered by a lack of payment infrastructure and railroads.