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AAX Exchange Announces “Crypto Summer”, With $1 Million Up For Grabs

AAX, the cryptocurrency exchange, has announced the commencement of “Crypto Summer” event. The exchange will host exciting crypto trading activities in an effort to dispel the gloom and despair of the impending “crypto winter” that is rapidly approaching. In addition, there is a good chance of bagging some great prizes. It’s a way for people to have something to cheer about as the crypto market continues to decline around the world. The event’s  participants will be eligible for incentives totaling one million USDT from AAX. The event will continue from now till 16:00 UTC on June  30th, 2022

What AAX’s Crypto Summer brings.

Crypto assets have been losing value recently due to rising inflation fears and a weakening global economy. Consequently , there has been talk of a new “crypto winter,” a pessimistic trend that might last for months. AAX is planning a slew of summer activities aimed at boosting optimism in the industry and encouraging its members to have fun trading the dips. Attendance at the events is available to both current and new AAX Exchange users. However, the rewards are only available to those who have successfully completed the KYC1 authentication process.

“Markets may be bearish but at AAX we remain optimistic and determined to build out our products and continue to reach into new markets, and with this campaign we intend to share some of our optimism with our user base,” said Ben Caselin, VP of Global Marketing and Communications.

Users can invite their friends to sign up for any of AAX’s fixed savings products throughout the event period. Depending on how much money their friends save, they might win up to 150 USDT, or 100% of what their friends save. Also members of the AAX community can earn a 100 USDT reward by inviting their friends to sign up for an AAX account. As part of its Invite Friends campaign, AAX is offering incentives of up to 300 USDT to participants.