Aave Price Prediction: Evolving Bullish Pennant Boosts Hopes of Recovery

The latest partnership between Aave and Centrifuge could boost bullish Aave price predictions. The new partnership to form the real-world asset market is a collaboration between Aave and Centrifuge to create liquidity pools for a new marketplace to allow financing of businesses using tokenized assets.

The Real-World Asset (RWA) Market provides up to seven liquidity pools on which liquidity providers can provide dollar-denominated liquidity using deposits of the USDC stablecoin on both the Centrifuge and Aave platforms. 

AAVE Price Prediction

The Aave price prediction indicates a potential for price action to continue range-trading between the 278.6 and 251.2 price levels. However, the price pattern is starting to form a bullish pennant, with the potential for an upside break. A break of the 278.6 resistance allows 301.0 to come into the picture as a new target. Above this level, 350.4 becomes a new target, with the potential for a pitstop at 320.0.

On the other hand, a decline below 251.2 allows 224.8 to come into the picture, with 205.2 and 183.0 serving as additional pivots if the price deterioration is more extensive.

AAVE/USDT: Daily Chart

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