CFTC Positioning Report: USD Longs, CHF Shorts Drop Off

The latest CFTC Commitment of Traders Report shows that the net long positions on the USD fell moderately last week; the first weekly fall since mid-June. The highlights of the report for the week ended on August 13 are presented below.   Safe haven demand that has pervaded the markets [...]
Dow Jones Climbs, On Global Stimulus Talk

Dow Jones Climbs, On Global Stimulus Talk

Wall Street indices spiked higher today with the Dow Jones adding over 1.12% at 26,174.40. The Nasdaq currently is trading 1.52% higher at 8,014, while the S&P 500 trading 1.19% higher at 2,922.65 as trade tensions between China and US ease. The Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index registered at 92.1, missing [...]

Bitcoin Price Head Higher

On July 26, when the price of Bitcoin was trading at $9788 per coin, I said that the overall trend remained upwards above the June 4 low of $7432, and that traders would target the July 10 high at $13000. The price rose as high as $12334 on August 6 [...]
USDCAD On Defense as Crude Oil Inches Higher

USDCAD On Defense as Crude Oil Inches Higher

USDCAD trades 0.02% higher at 1.3264 as the pair continues trapped between the 50 and 100 day moving averages. The momentum is positive for the pair, having the daily high at 1.3263 and the daily low at 1.3250. Crude oil, Canada’s main export product is 1.66% at $55.72 per barrel. [...]

Risk-On Sentiment Boosted by 90-Day Delay in Huawei Ban

A Reuters report monitored a short while go confirms that US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has announced that the United States will be delaying by 90 days, the ban on Huawei’s purchases from US companies. Consequently, an additional 46 subsidiary entities of Huawei will be included in the entity list. [...]

Oil Prices Bounce Briefly as Iran Says No Talks With US

The latest updates from the news wires have picked up comments from the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, saying that the Iranian government is not interested in holding any talks with the United States apart from talks to reinstate the nuclear deal. According to Zarif, "Any mediation should focus [...]